Auckland House School aims at providing a sound education based on Christian Principles and inculcating values through the life and teachings of Jesus .It endeavours to promote the highest spiritual, moral, intellectual and aesthetic values. Special emphasis is laid on the development of a well-rounded personality, based on character, initiative and courtesy. Training in leadership and responsibility is an important part of the School's academic and co-curricular programme. In all things, an effort is made to live up to the School motto "Altiora Peto" : "SEEK THE HIGHER THINGS" which motivates us in our quest for perfection in all we undertake.

Auckland House School has a past worthy of notice. Lord Auckland, the then Governor- General bought the house in 1836, for the use of himself and his sisters. Later Viceroys moved elsewhere and the house was sold. The School authorities bought Auckland House in 1868. The project for starting a school to provide sound education to girls on Christian principles was initiated by the Rev. J.B.D' Aquilar in 1864. It was given a practical shape by a Church-related ladies group in Dalhouise who began collecting funds for this school which they wanted to be placed in Dharmamsala. However on the persuasion of Mrs. Cotton, wife of Bishop Cotton, it was founded in Shimla in the spring of 1866 at Holly Lodge on Jakhu. Two years later, the school authorities bought Auckland House and the name of the school was changed accordingly. The school began with 32 pupils and the the Head was Mrs. Mackinnon. The School shifted to its present site on the 6th of November, 1869, after extensive alterations and additions had been made to the building, including the School Hall. The early years were those of great struggle due to lack of funds and adequate staff. In 1904, Miss Strong from the Cheltenham Ladies College became Headmistress and brought with her several other Cheltenham teachers. At once the School became popular and was known as "The Cheltenham College of India". The days of trial, however, were not over. In 1905 an earthquake caused much damage to the School building and for a while the girls had to live in tents. Despite repairs, the building gradually became unsuitable for the purpose of running a school, and the Governors took the bold decision to pull it down and build a new one on the site. The boarders were temporarily shifted to Sterling Castle and Mr.Hotz began work in December 1920.The new building was ready by January 1921. From 1908 to 1952 the St. Hilda's Society, Lahore, provided the school with Principal's and other members of the staff. Chief among them was Miss Pearce who was the Principal from 1915 to 1936. while most of the pupils were of European descent yet quite a few were Indian too. In fact, Indian girls were encouraged to join the School and participate with their European school mates in all activities of the School. Another landmark was the expansion of the School campus to include the "Belvedere" estate which was acquired in 1962. This had become necessary due to the rising numbers, and the junior section of the School was shifted there. The School continued to grow and gradually strengthened its international image with a large number of boarders from all parts of the world. Auckland House School fulfils a great need in catering for the children of Indian parents working in many countries of Africa , Asia , Europe, and America. Also children of parents working in Armed Forces or in the Central Government who are liable to frequent transfers find a regular unbroken education by joining the 'boarding house'. The pioneering spirit of Auckland House School in providing wholesome education to girls has not diminished down the years. From being a small School of 32 girls, struggling for survival, Auckland House School, today, is pulsating with life. The struggle today is to restrict the number to less than the four figure mark in the face of the overwhelming demand for admissions.

The School has a magnificent locale. It is situated on 'Elysium Hill'. Its site is one of the best and healthiest in Shimla. The author of "Shimla Past and Present" writes : ' The hill is neither scorched in summer, nor frozen in winter'. The Hon. Emily Eden one of the sisters of Lord Auckland writes : ' The views are too lovely, deep valley on the drawing room side to the west and the snowy range on the dining-room side. Red rhododendron trees bloom in every direction and beautiful shrubberies on all sides of the Hill. The climate, the place, and the whole thing is quite delightful". The girls school is spaciously designed. There are good play grounds and a small garden. The school has two fields for hockey and basketball, a large hall for badminton and gymnastics and another for table tennis. There is a good stage for concerts and dramatic performances. A separate building houses the Auckland House School for Boys. The campus is known as Belvedere.

Life in Auckland House Parents are strongly urged to send their children as boarders, since community life affords great opportunities for developing qualities of discipline, tolerance and neighborliness. Fluency in English conversation is quickly attained in the boarding house and lasting habits of punctuality and tidiness are inculcated. Also, the child’s education is not disrupted by repeated transfers. The dormitories are spacious enough to accommodate more than 300 children. There are two Prefects in charge of each dormitory. Trained nursing sisters live on the premises and take proper care of the children. The school doctor visits the school at least once a week and more often if required and also makes an annual physical examination of all pupils. Medical records are maintained, as also records of the children’s height and weight. The pupils are inoculated against various diseases as required. The Aucky Kitchen The Housekeeper supervises the balanced menu and the preparation of food which is both nourishing and appetizing. The ample diet includes regular fruit, milk and eggs. Both veg and non-veg are provided. The Housekeeper and the staff member on duty at each meal looks after the children’s table manners and eating habits. School Uniform Uniform is compulsory for all school students. A detailed list of all uniforms and other clothing will be supplied to the boarders. For boarders all uniforms are provided by the school. Pupils are expected to wear the following: General For All Chocolate brown blazer with School badge and school necktie, brown shoes and brown socks, yellow ribbon or hairband. Summer Chocolate brown jersey. Girls : Chocolate brown skirt with yellow blouse, House or School Necktie Leave and Visitors Any pupil who is absent must bring a letter from the parent requesting leave of absence. Except in cases of sickness, leave of absence should be obtained in adv.

Auckland endeavours to provide the quality education and lays special emphasis on the development of a well- rounded personality based on character, initiative and courtesy. For this purpose our school fixture is packed with various inter-house and inter-school activities. The students have enthusiastically participated and have won various accolades at the state as well as the national level. First and foremost, our academic results in the ICSE and ISC are always exemplary. We have been giving a 100% result and wish to continue doing so. The students actively participate in the Inter-House competitions in the fields of Music, Elocutions, Debates, Sports, Art etc. We have also proved our mettle outside the confines of the school by participating in Inter-School Declamation, Debates, Elocutions, Art and Sports. The school had introduced the Smart Class Programme to make learning more fun and interesting. The school also provides scholarships to deserving and needy students on a yearly basis. Despite such achievements and results, the school never hesitates from taking up new projects and challenges which speak volumes about the indomitable spirit of the Staff & Students. The school has grown from strength to strength. It has carved a niche for itself in the field of education .Auckland House School the oldest English medium school for girls, dating back to the British era etched its mark on a Special Postage Cover. This honour was bestowed on the School at the District Level philately exhibition Simpex 2013. It is another milestone in the 147th year of its existence. Apart from winning various accolades, the institution has recently been rated among India’s top schools in the day, international and residency category, in a survey carried out by a Mumbai based publishing agency “The Pioneer”. Our school has been awarded A+++ by ‘The Pioneer’ survey as one of the best schools. As part of our social awareness programmes the school has partnered with Disha Foundation , Delhi to fight for the rights of under privileged and marginalized women. The school organizes Grooming Classes for the students.These are conducted to train the girls on table manners, communication skills, acquiring a dress sense and carrying oneself in public. The Digital Learning magazine conducted an All India Survey of Schools and placed Auckland House School at number one in Himachal Pradesh in their December 2013 issue.The schools have been evaluated on the basis of its Reputation, Teachers’ Competency,Academic Excellence, Infrastructure,Students’ Development,Sports,Extra Curricular activities and Academic Performance. The school has yet another feather in its cap by becoming the first girls school in the country to introduce Scuba Diving as an extra curricular Sport.179 girls completed the Foundation Course ,while 4 girls have cleared the Scuba Diving Open water Advance course in Thailand.

The School is a Minority institution under the management of the Diocese of Amritsar, Church of North India ( CNI ) and has its own Governing Body of which the Bishop of Amritsar is Chariman.The school is recognized by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, and the Department of Education, Himachal Pradesh. The school offers Humanities, Commerce, Medical & Non-Medical subjects in XI & XII. The school curricular has always been eclectic, to expose the student to a maximum number of activities for the all round development. The school is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination. The Syllabus for Classes IX & X as well as for XI and XII is as stipulated by the Council. The syllabus for the junior school is formulated by the school to equip the students with basic skills in the languages and sciences, mathematics, computer applications and art. The Middle School Syllabus is designed to enhance learning in the senior school. The Academic Faculty complements and supplements the class room teaching with field trips, laboratory work, Smart Class Program and by inviting guest speakers in order to enrich the learning experience of the students. Career Counselling, etiquette training and personality development are also used to help the students in the all-round development and making an intelligent choice of subjects and activities which target their short term and long term goals. Exam Schedule The School has an ongoing continuous assessment process which comprises of regular class tests in all the subjects. The School conducts Unit tests thrice a year apart from the Half Yearly and Final Examination. The child’s cumulative performance in all these Tests/ Examinations goes towards awarding them a promotion certificate at the end of the session.